Giving birth to a baby safely is every mothers wish. The hurdles however don’t stop there, even after the safest delivery.

Picking a name for your child can sometimes be challenging especially when you and your partner haven’t come to an agreement.

Most likely, friends and relatives will also offer suggestions, whether you want them to or not.

Picking baby names is an issue of choice. Some parents pick names shortly after conceiving while others wait until the baby is born.

This, according to various mothers in Kampala, brings chaos in if not accorded proper attention.

Hamidah Kabaitira, a mother of four, said that choosing her babies’ names came in so easily because most of them were born on certain ‘big’ days.

“I am married to catholic man and most days have meanings to them. So each baby of mine was christened the day they were born on.” She told ChimpLyf.

With over 10 women and men sharing their experiences, we came up with a chain of tips to follow in case you’re stuck.

Love the name first: It’s very devastating to give your baby a name you never wanted in life. It’s from such cases that some kids’ names are used against them.

“My husband wanted to name our first born Dick, yet I had very bad feelings about the name. It took me time to refer to our son by that name that my husband noticed the hardship I was going through” Maria, a mother of two said.

Establish a common ground: If choosing a name is hard for one parent, finding something you both like is even trickier. If your partner hates your favorite name, don’t force it. It will only cause turmoil in the family. A good way to find common ground is to each make a list of your favorite names. Then see if there are any names that appear on both your lists.

Sound: The way your kid’s name sounds matters a lot. This will be the foundation for his or her future nickname. Make it easy for relatives to pronounce and spell. Spare your kid future frustration of always spelling his or her name during introduction time.

Significance of the name: Some parents just name their kids according to favorite movie characters Or novel characters without digging deep what significance the name has to the society and the kid.

“Always check what names mean because some of these names come back to haunt our kids when they grow up,” Said Maria.

 Ethnicity: Does the name honor Tradition? No matter how developed we have come, we all have norms and traditions to conserve and so should the names we give our kids.

Use a combination of current names and your family names to make it creative and make sure your kid has a name that describes his or her culture. Never let your family tree dry.

Uniqueness: How unique is your kid’s name? Imagine going to a shopping mall and every after five minutes you find a kid with your kid’s name. You can be original by choosing an exotic, unusual name as long as you won’t go overboard. Sometimes an extremely unusual name can bring your child unwanted attention instead.

Consider Age: Bear in mind that your child will one day become an adult and certain names won’t suit them. Think about their profession and the effects of the name when her colleagues and clients call them.

Above all get a name that suits your kid, family and reputation of the tradition you hold.


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