Unless u want to end like titanic.
Unless u want to end like titanic.

This month has not been the best for me but life has always moved on. Many weird things and even better ones have happened to me. No matter how bad things have been I have never thought of dying or taking my own life.

Every end of year our company has an end of year party where workers go out on their own and have fun off the work schedule as the company offer.

This year’s party was almost most forgotten as it was postponed from July to September and I had even lost gats of attending it. In my whole life time I had never been this patient for an outing but still I waited until that day came.

The day before, I had lost my sweet, expensive china smart phone which was not even 2 months old. Feels like I wasn’t made for smart phones and now these people were telling me how I don’t like switching my phone on! Do they even have an idea how I struggled with the thief to at least let me use it for one more day!

I even begun thinking God will badly punish thieves more for all those pains they have put me through. So I had to explain the whole situation which broke my heart slowly and I ended up into tears.

I swear I needed this party or outing anything they needed to call it because the stress was too much for me to handle. No matter the time we made it to the venue I wanted to be there.

These workmates have never been organized a part from the lunch time where they all know even the minutes the food lady has delayed, I base this to the fact that we hadn’t chosen the venue to which the party would take place even when it had been postponed like five times! We had to struggle to choose one affordable place which wasn’t rowdy, everyone including me had their own opinion of the beach until I decided we one which was near.

As most people identify me with the bad days, the day wasn’t any different from the usual bad ones. Getting to kitinda beach in Entebbe, the place was messy with high school students having their leavers rock you what it means now if you had one.

They were all over the place like they owned the place which didn’t seem well for my workmates who now put the blame on me for choosing a wrong place! Aaaaaah I swear I think I have bad luck just! Why didn’t I see this coming (as if am a fortune teller!)

“Why didn’t u tell us this place is boring from the beginning” shouted one of my workmates with a sour voice. I wish I also knew because I hate bad days too. The blaming game begun but this wouldn’t help until one of us decided to find our way out and head to nearest beach around.

The only remaining option was Lake Victoria café which was just footsteps away. To our sight it was near so we decided to walk there which didn’t seem a good idea as Judith one of us decided we use a short cut! I hate short cuts because they never end well, you either get lost or you lose something.

For our sake we got lost and ended in a boat repairing industry. One philosopher stated that short cuts are always long ones which I now believe from my experience

One thing you should never do is bargaining with a sailor by the way how they call people who row boats? Since it was Judith who decided we use the short cut to the resort so she had to make sure we get means there because as of the way things were, there was no road leading anywhere.

I guess you see the only option left which happened to be water transport. This remains me of primary school (social studies).

“Excuse me sebbo, how much is it from this point to Lake Victoria resort” asked Judith in a very polite voice.

The man told us it was 10k but later we bargained to 6k which he accepted and decided to look for a boat to help us sail.

This boat was in a very bad state that made Jane one of the strongest girls on the team cry for her life like a helpless baby even before the journey begun. The condition was really bad to a point that water was entering through all the corners of the boat.

“Judith, please tell the man to take us back” said Jane in a crackly voice tears rolling down her face like it was her last day on earth.

Literally she was sitting next to the fisherman who was our acting boat captain which really described her fear. No one was feeling right especially when the man kept on jazzing us on how the water can be dangerous if it gets a lot in the boat.

This meant we had to also pull out the water with our own hands. Cheap things are expensive, who ever said that proverb was right see how we were sweating instead of enjoying our time!

We jumped on this boat without life jackets the mistake we were going to regret in our lives just in case we survived the waves on the lake. This man had no idea it was our first time we used a boat especially for Jane who had even sworn never to use it in her life.

The love for adventure was going to take me this time round, why on earth would I even think of using a boat as if I didn’t know where the bodas were parked? The boat was too slow and according to the fisherman, this was caused by the heavy waves which were on the lake.

We tried to tell stories so as to make our heads busy and kill away the fear but it was all in vain especially when we got to the middle of the lake and the guy stopped sailing and held his arms akimbo as if we all knew how to swim and begun asking for his money or else he would stop us there!

We all begun to shake and I was nearly making shit in my dress which was wet by that time not because I had shitted in it but because of the water that was pouring inside the boat for the lake! Now Jane was even suggesting we give him 10 k because he was claiming that he wanted the same amount.

Look at this man; did he think we work in a bank of sort? How on earth can he think of changing his mind on us yet we had agreed very well with him?

The world isn’t fair; we all started wondering in our own heads like he even wanted to know what we thought at that time.

That’s the time I begun repenting all my sins to God and remembering all the people who had my debts and how they would pay my family back, especially mama Naki the saloon lady who had my 10k for my next hair wash. I wish I had told my sister to pass by and use the money.

We decided to give him his money without even thinking through so that we get to the landing site quickly and safe. No sooner had he put the money in the pocket than we were at the landing site.

We all wondered why the boat wasn’t moving that fast before and why he had to stopped on his way to ask for the money.

This man was really a mufere (conman), he even asked to take him a selfie if not he would let us row ourselves from the middle of the lake to the shores! Eaaaah kale Ugandans!

OK now even fisher men take selfies? So no one would refuse his request for we all didn’t have an idea on sailing a boat. Selfies were taken with shaky hands and later a group photo including the fisher man was taken, don’t ask me how we posed one thing we had to do I make it happen.

Once every one was off the boat, no one wanted to know how annoying or if they left any of their property on it! Who wants to risk their lives with that fisher man who preferred a selfie over making us live?

After all those confessions we made deep down our hearts we were there seeing ourselves playing on the shores, the whole stress of my phone and the thief was nowhere close to my head.

Although travelling on the boat which had water holes was scary, I had fun too. I saw and prayed for things I had forgotten about. I want to do this again and again this time with a life jacket.

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